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Welcome to the homepage of Green Energy Institute.

Green Energy Institute is
ready to make a new leap.

Green Energy Institute is a research institute specializing in new and renewable energy.

The area that has recently attracted the most attention as the nation’s new growth engine is new energy industry. The center of new energy industry that stands basis on renewable energy is the Southwest region including Jeollanam-do. Jeollanam-do has wonderful geographic condition with sunlight, wind, water, and soil required for new energy industry. In consideration of these conditions, we established Green Energy Institute jointly with Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and local government.

Green Energy Institute promotes R&D on photovoltaic, wind, tidal, and geothermal power generation as well as materials for electric car. In addition, we develop practical technology of new energy industry related to ESS, MG, and SG.

These businesses intends to solve difficulties of enterprises by creating leading technologies and cultivating employment and new energy industry by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises while improving welfare of residents.

I appreciate your interest and love for Green Energy Institute and ask for your continuous encouragement and participation.
Thank you very much.

General Director of Green Energy Institute

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