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Organization and employees of Green Energy Institute

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Organization: 7 offices (No. of employees: 50 people)
(Governor of Jeollanam-do)
Board of Directors
Director of Institute
Steering Committee
Audit Office
Green Energy R&D Office
Research on photovoltaic and marine energy
Wind Power T/F Team
Wind energy research, offshore wind propulsion
New Energy Industry R&D and Convergence Center
Exploring Energy valley cooperation project, R&D for new energy industry
Corporate Incubation Office
Support growth of energy companies, discovery and execution of energy business
Convergence Business Office
Establishment of energy self-reliance, energy supply
Management Support Office
Personnel and general affairs, financial accounting
Job creation T/F Team
Training energy professionals, creating energy jobs
  • Photovoltaic Energy Team
  • Marine Energy Team
  • Wind Energy Team
  • Energy Valley Team
  • New Energy Industry Team
  • Business Incubation Team
  • Commercialization Business Team
  • Energy Self-reliance Team
  • PR and Exhibition Center Operation Team
  • General Affairs Management Team
  • Financial Management Team
  • Job Creation Team

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