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Construction of new energy industry cultivating infrastructure R&D projects with related companies
Main contents
01 Specialized joint technology with excellent domestic and foreign agencies/companies
  • Discovery of new renewable energy projects such as wind, geothermal, tidal, and photovoltaic power, etc. and support Energy Valley with new energy industry development in the Bitgaram Innovative Energy Valley
  • Research on new renewable energy converged technology such as ESS, Smart Grid, etc.
02 Participation to R&D projects oriented by government and local governments
  • Launch of R&D project of the central government, municipal government, Ministry of SMEs
    and Startups
    • Construction of MW-class photovoltaic power generation R&BD demonstration complex
    • Development of a commercial model for 15kW horizontal axis tidal stream power generation (floating bridge type)
    • Development of low-cost compact wind power generation system with air gap – multi-coreless structure
    • Development of a coaxial single soil heat exchanger with large-diameter using direct heat of deep
      geothermal heat
    • Development of a device connecting an electrode with 1500cell/hr 4BUS solar cell
    • Construction of 1MW/1MWh ESS with the function to manage demand and demonstration
      of its operation in connection with renewable energy
    • Development of a low cost and high efficiency next generation solar cell (quantum dots,
      nanowire, dye-sensitized solar cell, etc.)
    • Development and demonstration of a converter (parallel booster of connector band)
    • Development of cost-effective core technology for dye-sensitized solar cell using
      environment-friendly photo-sensitizer
    • Development of low cost and high efficiency solar cell using
    • Automation of low-temperature electrode bonding of solar cells
      using anisotropic conductive film
    • Development of roofing material with snow melting function and
      photovoltaic modularization technology
  • Promotion of community-customized R&D to strengthen local
    • Smart operation of micro grid for agricultural and industrial
      complex, development of platform and BM
    • Developed underwater photovoltaic module and photovoltaic power
      generation management system for salt field
    • Floating wind/photovoltaic power system for fish farm
    • Development of a localized converter for high performance of 100kW
      wind turbine
    • Development of self-cleaning system to improve the efficiency of PV system
    • Development of seawater pumping system
녹색에너지연구원이 보유한 특허 출원 및 Registered 정보
No. Patent application/registration Name Patent application date Patent registration date Name of country Application (registration) No.
1 Registered CRYSTALLINE SILICON THIN FILM and Method of manufacturing thereof Mar. 30, 2012 Jul. 20, 2012 Republic of Korea 10-1169018
2 Registered High speed deposition method of amorphous and crystalline sige thin film by reactive atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition Jun. 30, 2011 Aug. 20, 2012 Republic of Korea 10-1177057
3 Registered Texturing method for using double texturing method of polycrystal silicon wafer for solar cell Aug. 10, 2011 Dec. 18, 2012 Republic of Korea 10-1215543
4 Registered Method for forming low-temperature gate oxide film of thin film transistor using Tetra-iso-Propoxysilane Jun. 30, 2011 Feb. 26, 2012 Republic of Korea 10-1218687
5 Registered Electrode assembly for atmospheric plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition device Jun. 30, 2011 Aug. 16, 2013 Republic of Korea 10-1299160
6 Registered Method for manufacturing semiconductor oxide nanofiber using electrospinning and hydrothermal reaction Jun. 30, 2012 Oct. 01, 2013 Republic of Korea 10-1315917
7 Registered Hetero-junction solar cell equipped with silicon epilayer and method of manufacturing method thereof Mar. 30, 2012 Feb. 26, 2014 Republic of Korea 10-1369898
8 Registered Solar cell module having high-performance single-crystal silicon thin film and manufacturing method thereof Feb. 04, 2013 Jul. 23, 2014 Republic of Korea 10-1424716
9 Registered Method for producing hollow titanium oxide nano fiber using micro emulsion and electrospinning Feb. 08, 2013 Aug. 13, 2014 Republic of Korea 10-1432235
10 Registered Dye-sensitized solar cells using hybrid dye May. 23, 2013 Sep. 01, 2014 Republic of Korea 10-1438768
11 Registered Method for fabricating titanium oxide nanofibers with dispersed silica nanoparticles May. 23, 2014 Jan. 07, 2016 Republic of Korea 10-1585174
12 Applied Method for manufacturing natural dyes for dye-sensitized solar cell May 30, 2014 Republic of Korea 10-2014-0066112

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