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Convergence of renewable energy sources such as carbon zero, photovoltaic, wind power, ESS, etc.
Main contents
  • Accomplishment of local energy independence within Jeollanam-do
  • Convergence of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind power, ESS, etc.
  • Cultivation and support of prospective SMEs in the province
  • Commercialization of excellent technology related to renewable energy industry
  • Pioneering of new markets for domestic and foreign energy industry
  • Operation and maintenance of renewable energy power plants
  • Realization of energy-related welfare for the people of the province through creation of carbon-free energy independent island and promotion of power generation projects based on resident participation
Key achievements and participatory projects
  • Creation of a green-energy independent island - Sammado Island, Haenam-gun (completed in 2014)
    • Secured 120kW photovoltaic power generation, 30kW wind power generation, and 1,200kW ESS
    • Serve as a cornerstone of the renewable energy industry in the future by securing a model with certified emission reductions through energy independent islands using renewable and convergence energy sources for the first time in Korea
  • Creation of a new and renewable energy independent island - Sangtaedo Island, Sinan-gun (completed in 2015)
    • Secured 110kW photovoltaic power generation, 50kW wind power generation, and 500kW ESS
    • Contribute to the vitalization of the island through tourism resource in utilization of new and
      renewable energy and nature of the island reflected in the Green Wind Village
  • Creation of a carbon-free energy independent island – Geochado Island, Jindo-gun
    (planned to be completed in 2017)
    • Planned to secure 110kW photovoltaic power generation,
      100kW wind power generation, and 500kW ESS
    • Expect to improve life of the island residents and residential environment as
      well as to expand culture business realized by environment-friendly energy
  • Solar photovoltaic power station in the government buildings of Jeollanam-do
    (29 places)
    • Total volume: Total 29 places including 6 organization in Gangjin-gun,
      Jeollanam-do (17,501.29kw)
  • Formation of eco-friendly energy town in Suncheon City
    • Transform to an eco-friendly energy independent
      eco-city led by the residents
  • “Convergence Support Project” of Korea Energy Agency
    • Promote energy independence by simultaneously
      supplying two or more renewable energy sources such
      as photovoltaic, solar, wind, and geothermal to public
      buildings, communal facilities, islands, etc.
      (Naju, Wando, Jindo)
  • Package support project to vitalize R&BD of energy
    facility industry in Jeonnam
    • Expand creation of new jobs in the region and reinforce
      competitiveness of local industries focusing on energy
      facilities, which were selected as the core business,
      in reflection of local condition and characteristics
      (package support, technical
      support, commercialization support, etc.)
  • Discovery of local industry-customized job creation support
    • Job creation in connection with the regional strategic
      industries of the creative economy and local representative
  • Cultivation of Jeonnam-style small hidden champions
    specialized in energy industry
    • Cultivation of Bitgaram Energy Valley and regional strategic industries, businesses connected to local key industries

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