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Provide all-in-one service from research development to enterprise support
Creation of ecosystem for fostering energy facilities industry in Jeonnam

Creation of ecosystem for energy facilities industry in Jeonnam

  • Advancement of energy facility industry
  • Construction of infrastructure for future growth engine
Fostering the energy equipment
industry Securing value chain
  • Research and development
  • Business commercialization
  • Enterprise support
  • Job creation
Energy facility enterprises in Jeonnam
    • Acquire structure of a virtuous cycle through the conversion of existing business promotion system
    • Present business guidelines, jointly unearth profitable corporate-oriented businesses
    • Start-up stage → Support the leap of an enterprise in new energy industry in connection with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
    • Secure value chain for the businesses specialized in energy facility industry in Jeollanam-do
Establishment of enterprise support system by region
Western area
Branch of the Energy Valley Base for job network
Corporate support expansion base
Operation of an Industry Council for energy facilities in the western area
Collaborative base of industry0university cooperation
Eastern area
Construction of a Human Resource Development Center
Operation of an Industry Council for energy facilities in the western area
Support for supply of human resource specialized in new energy industry
  • Construction of enterprise support system that is led by Suncheon City for the eastern region and Naju City for western area
  • Maximization of performance and expansion of enterprise support through linkage of business support and job creation
  • Resolving difficulties and securing competitiveness of the companies moving to innovative cities
Step-by-step tailored support strategy for enterprise support

Diagnosis of enterprise situation

Access to company status and holding technology
Investigation of technology status
Diagnosis on difficult technology
Technical guidance and advice


Analysis of R&D technology
Analysis on technology status (in connection with technical guidance experts)
Diagnosis on difficult technology
Technical guidance and advice

Customized support

Enterprise support for commercialization
Post-monitoring support
Support for prototype production
Support for mold production
Support for process improvement
Diagnosis on difficult technology
Technical guidance and advice
  • Phase 1 [Diagnosis of company situation] : Supporting the initial phase based on company status and holding technologies
  • Phase 2 [Analysis/Support] : Supporting analysis of R&D technology and technology status
  • Phase 3 [Customized support] : Supporting prototype production and post-monitoring support for commercialization
Main contents of enterprise support

Constructing foundation of future growth engine for vitalization and advancement of the energy facility industry,*
which is the main local industry in the region
[* Energy facility industry: new and renewable energy, energy storage device, energy management system, etc.]

  • Major support
    • Prototype production, technical certification, test analysis and performance evaluation, support on patent application and registration, design consulting, brand and packaging improvement
  • Expected effect
    • Strengthening technological competitiveness of businesses in Jeollanam-do through network structure related to energy facilities
    • Enhancing competitiveness through productivity improvement of promising products manufactured from businesses specialized in energy facility industry
    • Vitalizing regional economy and improving synergy effect due to joint development of energy facility industry through business diversification of businesses, such as energy facilities and parts
    • Increasing companies’ sales and job creation through vitalization of energy facility industry and front back industry

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