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Construction of one-stop service system for reinforced technical competitiveness and commercialization
Function and purpose of the Clean Energy Business Center
Clean Energy Business Center
New and renewable energy related companies
Photovoltaic powe
Wind power
  • Joint discovery and
    execution of
    business models
  • Support for
    technology development
    and commercialization
Municipal government
Gwangju Metropolitan City
Local universities
Research institute
Innovation agency
Bitgaram Innocity
Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO)
Affiliated companies of Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO)
Energy companies
Central government
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Science and ICT
Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Provide a foundation for local companies and researchers to grow together
  • Develop small hidden champions, produce prototype, promote marketing, protect excellent products, find joint tasks
Expected effects of the Clean Energy Business Center
01 Business support
  • Improve productivity and reduce marketing costs for promising products
  • Provide a variety of tailored support on business projects depending on needs of businesses to reduce fixed costs
  • Construct one-stop service system to enhance technological competitiveness and promote commercialization
02 Job creation
  • Increase the number of orders on parts and system based on reduced R&D cost and improved productivity of the supporting businesses. Ultimately, it leads to the need for additional manpower.
  • Create jobs through growth, start-up, and expansion of businesses through increased exports and domestic sales
03 Sales increase
  • Review legal stability of products based on excellence technology, brand, and design through customized intellectual property support programs to save related costs and time and increase productivity
  • Expect direct sales increase as a result of the increased number of contracts through thorough planning and strategy on pre-marketing

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